Calmunion Yoga believes in welding the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga together for a truly wholesome + authentic experience. 

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I humbly offer my gratitude to the ancient practice of yoga from India. I appreciate the evolution these teachings have endured over the last five thousand years. I honor all the teachers and sages who have carried this wisdom throughout time, so we may each benefit from it today. May the practice of yoga continue to create more peace on our planet.

Lucy Stapleton has been learning and exploring movement for nearly twenty years.

Lucy's teaching style is knowledgeable, intimate and thoughtful. Known for her gentle approach and soothing voice, Lucy guides students to activate their parasympathetic nervous system through focused attention on breathing (pranayama) and relaxation techniques. Lucy’s classes focus on cultivating present moment awareness and deepening understanding of the mind-body connection. With thoughtful intention, Lucy weaves together impactful classes that help calm and unify the mind, body + spirit. 

After spending her childhood studying ballet technique, Lucy discovered the path of yoga in her late teenage years as a support for mental health. Experiencing first hand the profound impact yoga can have on one's well-being inspired Lucy to become a certified teacher. Lucy has 1000 hours of Yoga Alliance Training and has been teaching for nearly five years for all demographics and abilities. 

Calmunion Yoga believes in welding the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga together for a wholesome + authentic practice. 



A 30 minute yoga flow so you can get a taste of my teaching style.


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My Story


Learn more about my journey and how I found yoga.


September - December 2020

Education Timeline

 Third YTT
Donny Day Warrior Training

  February - May 2018

 First YTT
Happy Jack Yoga

January 2019 - February 2020

Second YTT
 Allie Chisholm-Smith & Wendy Martin


My offerings may resonate with you if…

you want greater clarity of mind

you are seeking a deeper connection to Self and spirit

you want to cultivate a consistent daily yoga practice

you want to feel more at ease in your body

you want practical tools + practices to regulate your nervous system

you want to learn about the path of yoga, beyond asana (the physical postures of yoga) 

you want to feel more calm + present in your day to day living

you are in need of a safe space for personally processing your emotions


What is Yoga?

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The word yoga means ‘to yoke’, sometimes translated as ‘to unite’, and is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj. An ancient and complex practice from India, yoga is a collection of mental, physical and spiritual practices that promote self reflection and inward exploration. The intention of yoga is to harness and still the mind, thus liberating ourselves from the bondage of suffering (dukha). 
Defined as the path of self knowledge, Yoga is a five thousand year old science which offers tools for nervous system regulation and healthful living. The Yoga Sutras outline ethics for conducting ourselves on and off the mat, such as living in the spirit of compassion (ahimsa) and truth (satya), living a life of cleanliness (sauca), as well as practicing non-stealing (asteya), non-hoarding (aparigraha) and surrender (isvara-pranidhana). 
A combination of physical postures (asana), breathwork (pranayama), meditation (dhyana) are what we typically experience in a modern yoga studio or class setting. 

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What are the benefits of Yoga?

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My classes are designed to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, thus reducing stress hormones in the body, slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure. During class we intentionally practice sensory withdrawal (pratyahara), which means minimizing sensory input and focusing our attention inwardly. This can strengthen our connection to intuition and promote feelings of empowerment. 

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Science has proven yoga can;
-Support immune function
-Help manage stress
-Increase energy
-Benefit heart health
-Help ailments 
-Improve strength, flexibility and balance 

What if I am not flexible or have an injury?

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Regardless of your flexibility or experience, my classes are an inclusive space for all levels and abilities. I will guide every class with your best interests at heart, and offer modifications for injuries and other physical conditions. If you have an injury or concern, please reach out to me prior to class so I can ensure you are practicing safely. 
Remember yoga is not only about physical postures (asana) - asana is only one of eight limbs in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The path of yoga is not about accomplishing the most advanced postures, or pushing our bodies to extremes. Rather, we are learning to approach ourselves with greater compassion, instead of through the lens of comparison. Yoga is about pursuing truth and self-knowledge, with the ultimate goal of union as our motive. Therefore, regardless of your flexibility or experience, there is always a space for you in class! 

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Asked Questions

Love from the Community

She is intentional about holding space for the practice that feels safe for exploration and is conducive for grounding and healing. Her classes helped me navigate through some challenging times and grow in my journey, bringing deeper connection & clarity within myself and deepening my understanding of the path of Yoga.”

“Lucy’s ability to connect with others & guide them through their body and mind is a gift and opportunity for transformation.

-Abhishek Roy

 She creates a very calming, nurturing, gratitude-filled, energy space where you feel connected to both your practice individually, but also to the communal group in attendance. Any time I have the opportunity to join Lucy on the mat, I jump on it and walk away feeling lighter!”

"Lucy is an extremely knowledgeable and lovely yoga instructor whose classes give you much more than a physical experience.

-Mandi McIntosh

Her deep, soulful wisdom is beyond her years and she crafts her teachings and shares her insights with grace and thoughtful interpretation. Each time you step onto your mat and have the gift of having Lucy guide you, you have the joy of being fully present. She so beautifully integrates mind, body and spirit - her classes are like moving poetry!
Lucy is a kind and lovely human who has the natural ability of relating to and holding space for others. I have been extremely fortunate to experience being one of her many students, and I highly recommend that you participate in her teachings. She is beyond comparrison!

Lucy presents her students with the opportunity for a mindful and spiritual journey as she leads them through their yoga practice.

-Vicki Jones

Her soothing voice and beautiful yoga sequencing always invites me to deepen my body-mind connection. Lucy is a genuinely kind and caring soul and she has the gift of creating an atmosphere of peace and serenity for the yoga community.”

 "In this fast paced and sometimes unsettling world we live in, Lucy brings a sense of calm into her yoga practice. 

-Kim Konoby

Follow along for pranayama exercises, yogic philosophy/scripture (i.e yoga sutras, bhagavad gita), history of yoga, asanas, relaxation techniques, facts about nervous system & more!

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