I began competitive dance by age five and spent over fifteen years training in many styles, with specific focus on ballet technique. Movement became a part of my identity. When I reflect back now, it seems only natural I would find myself on the path of yoga. However, I didn’t come to yoga because of dance. I came to find yoga because honestly, I had hit rock bottom and desperately needed a lifeline.

From the age of three I fell in love with movement.

 In my late teenage years, I struggled with depression and anxiety, which led to self-medicating. Growing a deeper dependence on substances, I began making reckless choices with complete disregard for my life. I went traveling in 2017 and got involved with a cult who began dosing me with drugs. I stayed for three weeks and by the time I escaped, I was in a drug-induced psychosis. 

By grace, I was able to return home safely with the support of a loving family. I knew I had become someone I never imagined I could be. I had lost touch with both reality and my sanity. I went to a yoga class in an effort to find relief from the overwhelming anxiety, confusion and shame I felt each moment. In the studio, I felt safe to be present in my body for the first time; I felt supported as I confronted my pain. As I moved my body with attentiveness, I felt suppressed emotions rising to the surface to be acknowledged and released. Breath by breath, I knew this practice was how I may be able to piece myself back together. To my surprise, instead of piecing together old parts of myself, yoga made me anew. My yoga practice gave me a new life. 

In the intimacy of my practice I heard the whispers of my heart, which revealed uncomfortable truths to me. My inner dialogue was in a constant state of fear, insecurity, scarcity, unworthiness and not-enoughness. I knew the only way I would live a life with some normalcy again, was if I continued to confront the truth and learn ways to self regulate by processing my pain healthily, instead of numbing out or escaping. 

Through yoga, I began to take accountability for my life. I had a lot of humbling to do. My mat became a place I returned to feel safety and comfort on my journey of healing. I knew with each practice I was purifying myself of all the shame, guilt and anger I had been carrying. At times I would cry my way through the sequence, but every practice left me feeling lighter and more at peace, with greater faith in my recovery. 

My intention in every class is to create sacred space so individuals feel safe being present with their body, mind and spirit. I like to imagine it as a homecoming; guiding you toward quiet reflection so the whispers of your soul are heard. Your yoga practice is an opportunity to create space from the intensity of the modern stimulation and genuinely make space to listen and care for your body, mind and spirit. 

The services of Calmunion Yoga are here to support you on your soul’s journey, wherever you are in your walk of life and yoga.

My role is to walk humbly alongside you, and share the ancient practice of yoga that has helped so many people throughout time. 

I was inspired to become a yoga teacher so I could give back the life-changing gift that had been given to me. I was eager to expand my knowledge and spent three years in three different yoga teacher trainings, learning a variety of approaches to the yogic path. Training in many styles from restorative, ashtanga, hatha, vinyasa and yin, I explored many expressions of these ancient teachings in an effort to help myself heal. Having first handedly experienced the life changing benefits of yoga, I am inspired to share this practice, in hopes you too might find refuge in your own yoga practice.